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Vintage Indian Candle Stick


These vintage Indian candle sticks were originally Charpai bed legs which have been re-vamped and given a fresh, whitewash finish.  These are very solid pieces which will make an impression wherever they stand.

When choosing your candlestick, please note that they are listed in consecutive order after the first two styled images.  If you are unsure please reach out via our contact form prior to purchasing. 

Candlestick 1 - 34 cm x 15 cm 

Candlestick 2 - 40 cm x 12 cm (with black iron base)

Candlestick 3 - 42 cm x 14 cm 

Candlestick 4 - 40 cm x 14 cm 

Candlestick 5 - 36 cm x 14 cm